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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clear Lake & San Francisco - Part 1

Wow, vacation flew by! We had a lot of fun and got in a ton of sunshine & relaxing, I have the tan lines to prove it!  It's amazing how exhausted you can feel after a vacation though, I guess it's all the traveling, or the overdose on Vitamin D, who knows.  So for those of you who may have missed my vaca announcement, we decided to take a last minute trip up to Clear Lake, California and hit up San Francisco on the last leg of our trip.   So this will be a "Part 1" because I haven't collected all our pictures yet, as they are spread across my phone & camera, as well as everyone's phones & cameras we were with. You know how that goes! So for now I threw together some fun postcard-like collages to talk about.  We'd never been to Clear Lake, so let's start there:

Clear Lake really took me by surprise. I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew it would be water + sunshine = happiness.  When we got there it was a pretty overcast day, which was right after they had over 100 degree weather.  Figures right? We must have brought it from Santa Cruz!  That didn't bother us though, especially after learning you can't actually swim in Clear Lake.  Well, I guess you can but you would come out with a healthy film of algae. Seems they were having a bloom, which is what makes it some of the best fishing in the world.  We opted for the pool and laying in the sun. Who wouldn't? We originally reserved a one bedroom condo, and upon arrival they surprised us with a free upgrade to a two bedroom. See there were only three of us, and what an upgrade! This was a two story condo, gas grill, all the fixins.  It was fantastic (pictures soon!)

We stayed in a little town called "Nice" - which we heard a local pronounce niece  so that's what we're going with too. It was a very small town, in a string of small towns that surround the lake.  It felt like we were in an entirely different world. I feel like we don't see much of this in California. Very different, I loved that we were truly in a new place.  Somewhere we'd never been. We did end up finding an amazing little lake to swim in, that I'll share soon. I'm rounding up the San Francisco pictures now, and will have them up tomorrow! Until then, I leave you with a little bit of Nature's ombre that I found.... as you know I love that fade:
Ha! Kinda funny..not really I guess. I spotted this because I swear it's the same greens as this table.  Have a great day everyone, thanks for checking in on me - we made it home safe and sound! Stay tuned for San Francisco updates tomorrow...

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  1. I am so happy you had such a great vacation!! And yes, the green in the water plants is the exact green on your table!! :)

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