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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spotlight: Diamond Light Bulbs

Last night I had a dream about these light bulbs (weird..I know) and it reminded me that I meant to post about them.  I saw these while browsing around for antique looking light bulbs (which I found, see my ghost lamp post) and they flew right onto my wishlist. Designed by Eric Therner and available in his shop:

Fantastic, right? Especially now that you see so many light fixtures and lighting arrangements that go completely bare bulb.  Mix and match with different vintage bulbs and you've got quite an impressive collection.  I bet they give off a neat glow, I'd love to see that.  And free shipping worldwide? Yes please!  I may be getting one sooner than I thought.  Now, I was not paid to write about these, I just like to share a good find when I see one.  What kind of lighting installments can you see yourself using these in?  I doubt anyone would want to hide these bulbs behind a shade! Happy Wednesday y'all.

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  1. Love these diamond light bulbs! Not only are they really beautiful and different, they put off a unique ray of light!

  2. Talk about money hurt feelings, this sentence is also good swarovski shop

  3. This made good idea for light decorative! thank for shared!
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