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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Featured on: Fox News Magazine

Whoah, what a treat! I was recently approached by the editors of Fox News Magazine asking if they could feature my Ombre chair tutorial - of course I said yes! How flattering...  I hadn't realized they even had an online magazine, so I browsed around for a while, it's pretty nice!  I love the layout, especially.  Anyway, big thank you to Fox News Magazine for featuring me! Check it out here: Fox News Magazine: Ombre Chair

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  1. You're a star, who knows where you'll go to from here!


  2. Awesome!!!You are famous now!!! I knew you would be one day!! Love, Mom :)

  3. hehe, thanks! It's weird, I think people don't know about the magazine, it doesn't seem to have any comments... must be new!

  4. Check you out Jesse!!! Huffington post is next. This is a very widely read online newspaper!

    Does this mean you have to only vote Republican now?


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