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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To: Modern Leaning Shelf

I can't remember exactly if I have featured a Lowes tutorial before, or if it was Home Depot - either way, the two of them seem to be ramping up the creativity to get a good flow of projects out there for us. And why not? They have all the parts at the store - bring the ideas on! I spotted this leaning shelf a while back, and immediately pinned it. You'll recognize the style:
Stunning.  Best part is, this one isn't hollow laminate, oh - and you make it yourself! That always gets a few extra points, right?  The steps look pretty easy, labeled beginner, and can be found on the Lowe's blog, or click here.  One tip of advice, when you read the steps it's a little overwhelming & confusing, but once you click the "Project Diagram" it makes a ton of sense. 

Since you start with the raw materials, you have the steering wheel on this to totally customize it.  Stains, paints, you name it.  Plus, you don't have to lean this little darling on the wall (especially if you have kids, yikes!) it could easily be mounted somewhere.  What do you think, seem tackle-able?  Is that even a word...... anyway, thought I'd share! This is goin' on my project list, which is roughly 24 pages long, give or take. 

Good luck!


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