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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Slow Cooker Central

It's getting cold! To be fair, I'm a Californian, and it doesn't take much to send us packin'. Seriously, the moment it drops below 50 we all start shivering and hoping we won't freeze to death this year. I know, it's sad, but we all know it's true. We just can't handle it.  The cold weather does do me some good though, making me crave lots of soups & hearty hot dishes, and the crock pot makes that simple! There are a lot of sites out there dedicated to all the insane things you can do with a crock pot (brownies? In a slow cooker? mmhmm..) and of course, pinterest is the perfect way to keep all those recipes organized so you can actually use them. I remember, way back when, in the days of only bookmarks - I used to bookmark hundreds of things I wanted to remember, not realizing that I'd probably never. see them. again. Boo! So today I scoured up some good lookin' crock pot recipes, these literally can't get any easier, these clever people have stripped the work right out of it.  Just my style!
**If you're new to my Pinterest Picks posts, it helps to know that the pictures below are actually links, to the pin, which are links.. to the original source.  The internet is amazing! 

The classic. Chicken soup.  Great for a sick day, a week day, actually any day.  It's filling, comforting, and apparently simple.  Ditch those canned soups and go for fresh! You'll save money and your body will thank you for saying no to sodium.  I never realized canned soup was so wild about salt.

One more for the soup list, is this crazy taco soup.  Tacos were already good as is, but soup form? Taco night may just have to make two appearances per week..

Soups are obvious uses for the Crock, but suddenly there are all these other uses people have figured out. Like this one, cooking a whole chicken? How nice to come home from work with a fully cooked chicken waiting for you.  Stuff like this makes me think I should set up multiple crock pots so I can have a main dish, and a hot side dish.. and... can they make garden salads too? Haha... gross! Hey wait a minute, back to tacos:

Delightful! No, it didn't chop the lettuce and all assemble them into cute little tacos (that crock pot hasn't come out yet), but the recipe made some killer pulled pork that just falls apart.   I  haven't had my breakfast as I write this, and suddenly tacos sound like the perfecct way to start the day.. grr! But leftover lentil soup for me it is... (yes, you can have soup for breakfast!)

Hmm, seems I'm really picking on the tacos here - but this is a variation.  Seems the crock pot loves turning meat into tender delicious shreds, so ya gotta get clever with all the uses, right? Right. Lettuce wraps, tostadas, stews.... whatevs.

Hey, look who's here for dinner! It's meatloaf! I don't know why in the world meatloaf gets such a bad wrap (sp?).  You hear it in jokes all the time, and almost every movie with a scene from the 1950's seems to have kids that are so upset about its presence. What brats! I love and have always loved meatloaf, at least you don't have to rip meat off of bones all night, now THAT is gross (To me, anyway).  This recipe actually makes a lot of sense, because now that I can actually cook meatloaf - I can tell you, it takes a while! See? Those kids in the movies don't know how hard mama worked....unless she knew the crock pot routine. Hmm...

There is always room for dessert, so set up a third crock pot and get it cookin' up this beautiful bread pudding (ha! 3 crock pots, I wish!).  You know, this is some great photography  up in here - that bowl and strange little spoon make it look even more delicious.

There you have it, I'm starving and can't post another delicious recipe, why did I do this to myself? Hope you enjoyed these crock pot pinterest picks, I sure did! One more thing before I sign out here, there are a ton.. I mean a TON of crock pot recipes on this site: Slow Cooker From Scratch.  Prepare to be amazed and pin like mad, you could plan weeks upon weeks of delicious crock pot madness. I dare ya! Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out for Slow Cooker from Scratch; so glad you like it!

    1. thank YOU for the great website! I love it, I made the chicken tacos the other night, they were amazing!


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