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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spotlight: Cross Stich Furniture

One of my favorite bloggers, Barb Blair of Knack Studios recently posted these amazing giant cross stitch furniture & rugs. I had to do a double take, this reminded me so much of my Grandma! Except that she didn't make rugs & sofas, more like wall hangings (amazing ones too!)... these are unbelievable, I can't imagine the time that goes into them.
Look at that - pillows, sofas.... rugs... what a great idea, and such a unique look.  With the stitches being so much bigger, I imagine this would come out pretty soft, and take less time too.   They are sort of industrial and modern, but cozy, charming & give the feel of handmade. If that makes any sense!  These beauties are made by the Belgian Designer, Charlotte Lancelot.

I think the ottoman, or a few pillows would be more than welcome in our house.  What do you think could you add these to your home decor? Enjoy!


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 Hey check out that sweet lamp on the left there too, cute!

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  1. I love these pieces, really beautiful, I've never seen anything like them :)

  2. Alternatively, there's very little color and contrast in the space. Find a nice color - maybe charcoal to pick up the blacks in the room, or a deep red or green like the wine bottle or their caps and then echo the color in accessories elsewhere in the room. discount furniture chicago


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