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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching up & Moving on...

Sorry for not posting yesterday! Last weekend was full of activities, and with so much going on with this house hunt I took Monday to play catch up.  Luckily I have some spare time on my hands this week to get myself (and the house!) back in order.  We tried our hand at making Sushi rolls on Saturday night - it was great! It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, and uses way less ingredients inside than I realized.  We bought so much food to fill them up with, it's leftover city. It's no wonder Sushi restaurants are popping up everywhere, they must be making a killing!  It was the perfect group activity too, we had about 8-9 people rolling up all kinds of different things, worked out really nicely.  This was great practice too. I was a total bad blogger and didn't take pictures (boo!) However, here are a few pictures Morgan took, I'll share more when I get'em.
 So, remember way back when I told you about our soon to be house? Well, it totally fell through. Bombed.  And after a 6 month wait, ouch! I never got to show a picture, I was trying to wait until it all went through, and everything was happy and wonderful - that day didn't come, but I figure I should show you anyway:

During our inspection process we learned that the house was needing some major repairs.  Not the kind of repairs that you think is just "a little elbow grease" and some camp-like living conditions for a while  (we would have been more than fine with that).  But, the kind of repairs that weren't going to be a DIY'ers playground, but more of a give-all-your-money-and-then-some to a professional to fix type of repairs.  This stuff was a total foreign language.  I was bummed for a minute, but with so many houses on the market and it being such a good time to buy, we knew we'd find something else, however long it would take.

And then after a few other tries, we did!

Now, to be clear, nothing is set in absolute stone yet, but we've made it past the inspection and we are both very excited.  Things are looking pretty good, it needs some work, but in our price range, & in this area, they all do. So it's a matter of finding a place that has problems you feel comfortable fixing. Like I said, she's not ours yet, but things are going the right direction this far.  My fingers are crossed that everything finishes up well, too! Here she is:
Cute! A little house in the redwoods.  I've always thought living in the redwoods would be awesome, and having higher temperatures will be a big change for us!  The main living area is upstairs, with a guest suite downstairs (wow, fancy!).  No garage, but it has a covered area for working, that we may convert into a workshop.  Behind those redwoods there is a large deck off the kitchen.  Oh wait, here it is:
I love that deck, and that window! A lot of people were saying "Oh you could get rid of that window, expand the wall, and have more counters" That's one idea... but I'm pretty sure that big guy is here to stay. We love it. Here's the kitchen:
I'm really excited about this kitchen.  I love that the Dining room is in here, in one big open hang out area. They say people at parties always gather around the kitchen, and we all know it's true - now I have somewhere to put them, to work! Haha.  Living room:
Large and in charge! Arranging the furniture in that room will be a challenge, but there's nothing I love more than an interior design challenge.  That cage thing there is actually a brand new spiral staircase that goes to the bedroom & bath downstairs. 

So that's the news folks, we've been going crazy around here.  Racing from this house to that, rushing to put in offers and waiting to hear yes or no, finally - we are in the running on this one. So far so good, wish us luck for the rest!  I'll miss our little beach house, we've had a lot of fun, and we got to practice playing house for a bit. But I've felt for a while that it's time for a change, and change is good, right?

What about all of you out there, anyone else in the home market right now? Buying... Selling.. or just browsing? It's quite a roller-coaster, and it's easy to get cold feet, but I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it...

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