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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cockroach Jewelry

Sick, right? Sick in a bad way, in my opinion! When you read "Cockroach Jewelry" images of sterling silver inanimate bugs come to mind, thinking maybe they could be cute? Nope. Try bedazzled live hissing cockroaches. Yep! You know the ones you see in pet stores and you wonder "who in the world wants a cockroach as a pet?!" I know, I'm biased, I just can't imagine holding one. All those legs would creep. me. out! So since it's fall now, and the posts have gone spooky spidery on us, these just popped into my head this morning. Who knows, maybe some of you will fall in love with this...
Sources: Mapping the Marvelous, Black Chandelier
No, this is not a joke! Haha, I couldn't believe it either. I think it's the creepiest thing ever! Not to mention a little sad, poor lil guys...with those heavy crystals all over 'em.  Either way, they are no longer available due to ethical reasons (see I thought so!) but they were $89.  Each.  That's what real crystals get ya, a high priced bug. Did I mention they hiss? Gross. Doesn't that model in the lower right corner remind you of Johnny Depp? Don't worry, it's not him.. but.. am I the only one who sees a little resemblance?  I think it's the eyes. Hmm. Head over to Black Chandelier to read about these Roach Brooches, it's kind of neat the care instructions show they intended for people to really take good care of these critters, they live for about 3 years.  Don't you just wish you too could have a little bug tethered to you all day?...................................No thanks, I'm good!

Here's a video if you want a live look, skip to about 1:10 ish... get ready for some goosebumps.

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  1. Now that is gross!!!!! Just gave me the chills!

    1. Agreed! I had to share, it's the season for chills, right? hehe.... I could never do this, for many reasons!

  2. I am so not going here. I brought something home once with cockroaches. I finally eradicated them the piece of furniture, but not without being completely and fully grossed out.


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