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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To: Easy Underbed Storage

I came across this idea recently and had one of those "why didn't I do that?" moments.  There have been so many times a failed furniture redo (for one reason or another) has left me with a few extra drawers lying around.  I've made wall shelves, wall plaques, coat hangers... I've even just scrapped them for parts.. but this use, is so obvious, functional & simple:
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Isn't that great?? A nice set of casters turns these would be garbage drawers into handy underbed storage.  You could easily add a nice fabric top to these as well, to keep out all those dust bunnies that also like to live under the bed.  Or, you could put a lot of clothes in a space bag, then put them in the drawers, that will really amp up your storage! I can imagine these in cute coordinating colors too.  I am definitely keeping this idea in mind! What's your take, can you see these living under your bed?

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  1. LOVE THE LITTLE DRAWERS ON WHEELS! i have a few drawers that i want to do this with!

  2. Perfect for holding bed sheets, small toys and more. Will be trying this!


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