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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Jackolanterns

I couldn't think of anything for my pumpkin this year, then as a few of us were talking about Fall in general, & someone said something that sparked an idea:
..........get it?! Ha! Pumpkin Pi.... oh that's a knee slapper. So dorky!  Have you all started carving up your produce yet?  Here are a few ideas I pulled from Pinterest.  These ones are cute, a little bit creepy... I love that they hang from the tree. They are made from turnips!

That front one almost looks sad... not mad.  Meh. Who said you had to carve only pumpkins anyway? Let's carve all the crazy fall squash:

I imagine the butternut squash singing, I dunno why.  Your pumpkin doesn't always have to be trying to scare the kids right off your porch, take these simple patterned pumpkins:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

I think that last one had little christmas lights instead of a candle? Can't tell. If you're the detail oriented type and want to get really extreme with your pumpkins, here's some pinspiration for ya:

Ugh! That skull is the creepiest thing ever! But, you gotta admire the work they must have put into it. Still though, his eyes creep me out! I need something cute after that...
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Aah! Much better. I love those big eyes! So what's it gonna be this year? Creepy scary pumpkin or cute n' cuddly?  Either way, hop to it! Halloween is tomorrow..... Alright, keep it real people, be safe n' stuff.

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  1. Love these designs!! Yours was very creative! The skull was so creepy-but very good!!

  2. aww, I love that ET pumpkin!! :) <3

  3. Love those singing gourds.


  4. When Hallowe'en first was celebrated people did use turnips instead of pumpkins. I love the squashes too.


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