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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To: Dining Room Table

We are mid-move, so let me apologize in advance for my short & sweet posts!  I was at the new house yesterday thinking more about our dining table. I like it but the space can hold something a bit bigger.  I looked at a few tables, and nothing really spoke to me.  So I thought - hello!? - let's just make one! I shared this Live Edge Table a while back which I love...but also found a tutorial that shows the steps start to finish, I love it's simplicity:
It's beautiful and can be customized in so many ways. The tutorial is from the blog Our Vintage Home Love and is very detailed and user friendly.  I got a full lesson in table construction just buy skimming the pictures.
Nice and simple construction.  I never realized there were so many table legs available at the hardware store! Did you know that when you put new legs or parts on a piece of furniture that weren't originally intended, it's called marrying? Well now you do - just a little useless trivia for ya.  Like, "I married the legs from this table with the top of that table".  You learn something every day, so they say.  When furniture and marriage are in one of my sentences it's usually "I love that couch so much I want to marry it".  Ramble alert!

For the full tutorial, visit their blog hereI would love to do a really long one of these someday, nothing beats a 12 seater table!  Now if only I could figure out the drop leaf action... hmm....

So, what kind of table do you have?

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