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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Backyard Adventure

I haven't had a chance to show much of the yard yet, mainly because it's huge and it gets dark around 4-5, so my picture taking window is pretty slim! Ah.. still adjusting to mountain life.  The other day however, we did decide to take a break from unpacking and just climb the hill behind our house.  We have no idea how far back the property line is, but we're pretty sure it's the whole hillside.  So Ralph and I threw on some boots, and set out to conquer the beast.. here was our first view, and we were only beginning the climb:
We were already higher than the house! This "hill" is deceptively steep... but we had a goal: the top!

A little farther along now, you can see we are way higher than the house, if you can make it out in the picture on the left.  And look - some evidence of a past structure! I wonder what was there... We would love to put in a few trails with some platforms here and there, because the view is really pretty. Even on a foggy day, we got a good taste of what we'll see in the summer.
Sadly there was a good amount of trash on the hill.  It's mostly buried in Redwood debris, but still - who would do that? Not only that, but this isn't just a walk in the park type of hill, it's steep! We slipped and landed in mud a lot, so who in the world was hanging out up here? We noticed a certain type of trash... a lot....bottles.
Daaang.. I don't know if this is from someone climbing up, or if it's been sliding down, but this is 1 of about 5 different bottle piles.  Whoever did it, I hope they are gone now! At this point we were pretty high up, see my car in the photo here:
So this is almost halfway.  The rest was steep, dense, and not really stable enough to stop & snap a few photos.  At the top of the hill, is someones house.  Darn! I was imagining some wonderful sunny meadow where we could go mini-camping or something.  Haha, I know - ridiculous! But wouldn't that be fun? Back to reality though, I think some nicely smoothed trails, zig-zagging up the hill would be great.  Somewhere in the dream list for that hill would be a structure or two, or at least a platform.  Here's my inspiration photo, via Pinterest of course:
Source: via Trina on Pinterest

I'll take it! That would be amazing! A little house up in the woods.... Someday! So that's our hill, hope you enjoyed the tour & be glad you aren't covered in  mud like we were, which also seems to be all the time in this weather.  I swear all my pants are going to have stains. Oh well,  enjoy the day!

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