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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tile Entryway Project: Part 1 of 2

So we are completely in the new house. No more back and forth, no more boxes up and down stairs, and especially... no more fast food! Don't get me wrong, fast food is delicious, but when you are so low on time that you are eating it almost (ok, every...) meal? That can do a real number on a body.  But we're getting settled, getting used to the place, and jumping into the projects.  This weekend calls for rain (of course!) so we've decided to tackle a project that one of the cats moved to the top of the to-do list. Meet, Tyler:
Aka T-Bop & T-Bop Shakur, respectively.  Oh, Tyler - look what you've done! Cats have a way of sending you a message, in this case it was let. me. out. Regardless of the 30 degree weather, this spoiled brat wants in and out priveleges, exactly when he wants them.  This does not agree with our carpet,
look at those shreds! How can something so cute do so much damage? (I love that mugshot of him, can't believe he cooperated!)Alas, we've been wanting to put in tile entryways anyway, because the last owners put the carpet all the way up to the door.  Cozy as that may be, we live in a foresty - muddy area, and I will  not have carpets that reflect that!  So it works out perfect, that this weekend, we embark on what is hopefully a simple project. Here's the proposed site:
This door (of the five we have.. YES five..) makes the most sense for the front. I wish I could explain better, but when we have parties, no one knows what door to use and so we hear knocks from all sides of this place.  Eventually we'll tile them all, but this one gets knocked the most. Besides, I think that really adds a lot, a place to step in the house and take off your shoes, etc, without worrying about the mess. A better look:
Our first step was to tape off the area we predicted the tiles would go, and see how we felt about something that size in our living room over the course of this week. Well I barely noticed, and neither did Ralph, so that means all systems go.  We picked out a tile online and I hope hope hope it's as nice in person when I pick it up tomorrow. Check it:
Yes, that's tile! I wanted something with a wood look, but with the durability of tile.  And wouldn't you know it, someone has already done it & made it for purchase. Perfect! Seems easy enough to me, lay the tiles out, mark the carpet, cut the carpet out, and tile as normal, right? I hope so. I know we're bound to hit some snags here and there, but I'm ready.  This will be our first BIG project that we'll be taking on, and I'm ready.  I notice in the picture that I don't see grout lines.. hm... I'll let you know how this goes. If you like this tile too, we found it at Home Depot.  I'd love to go with a dark color, but we live around so many trees that sometimes light is limited, so I want to keep things bright.

How about you all, any big projects on the horizon now that it's the new year? I always feel refreshed and re-energized after New Years, even though I take the whole month to make my resolutions.  Oh, who am I kidding, I make new ones all year.  Ha!

Happy Twenty Thirteen! (One resolution is to start saying Twenty Thirteen..instead of two thousand to a good start.)

Have a productive weekend!


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  1. I had this in a hotel in Aspen recently and loved it so much that I took a picture. They had there tile without much of a gap between and then the grout matched the tile. Its going to look wonderful. Good luck.

  2. I have a very similar tile in my entry way - we just had it put in last month and I love it! the grout lines are very small, to keep with the look of hardwood floors. Ours even had built in spacers so you would know how far to space them. It will look great! looking forward to seeing the finished product : )

  3. I used to have a house with 3 doors. I painted each one of them a different colour. People who wanted to find me or deliver something were always told to use the red door. Worked.


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