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Monday, February 4, 2013

How To: DIY 3-D Paper Ball

Good morning! So I guess that groundhog has decided we'll have an early spring, huh? I'll take it, that's just the news I wanted to hear from that furry little rodent.  With spring comes color, life, and the urge to start redecorating!  Remember the DIY 3-D paper wall art post?  Well check this out, I was browsing around my idea board this morning and these totally caught my eye (again!):
These meet the qualifications for me to love them. Made of paper? Check. Textural & 3-D? Check. Affordable? Checkmate!  There's nothing like a project that
can be completed start to finish with such few materials, almost always on hand, and satisfy that urge to decorate an empty space with something so cool.  You know the feeling, when your redecorating a room or rearranging furniture.... you're on a roll and you start shopping around your house for things that will complete the room because you just. cant'. stop? Yea, these will be a big help... from one of my favorite blogs (she's big into the paper crafts, too!) How About Orange.  

Jessica lays out step by step, in beautiful color photos, instructions for making these impressive spheres. She even has the templates for the shape you'll need! So sweet. I'd say the only thing that would really make this a quick project, was if someone could find a die cut in this shape, now that's a shortcut. Head over there now: 3-D Paper Ball Tutorial.

Hey it's Monday, why not do this while you pretend to be working? Hehe.. just kidding...!  I won't promote anything to get you into trouble...  (But I won't stop you, either) - Have fun!


Coming up Next: The super happy disco-ball inspired skylight..  

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