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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kitchen Bench Brainstorm

When we were first touring our new house (see the photos & tour here!) one of the things (among many!) that we loved was this built in, rustic bench:
Perfectly placed under this vintage (aka: single paned...) window, that we also loved.  I could just imagine it, summertime... the weather is warm, this french window is wide open... perfection! Right?
Well, it's not summer yet. It's February.  And it's cold. And as inviting as this bench is, if you sit here for too long you're gonna get the cold shoulder, or well, cold... never mind.  So the time has come, we need to figure out a cushion solution.  I tried putting some pillows:
Yea...that's a start... but it's not gonna cut it, ya know? They slip & slide, and look, well - completely out of place.  So let's get crackin' on this bench, it's time for a brainstorm.  I wanted something cushy and wonderful, doesn't everyone?  Here are some ideas I've yanked from the internet. I'm gonna do this pinterest style, so all these are pinnable images, mmmk?

Beautiful! I love this. Perfect beneath the window, just like ours.  We don't have an L so much, and adding pillows to the back means we are actually leaning on the window... so maybe not exactly this, but we can pull some ideas from it.

Wait -  here we go:
What, what? This is exactly what I'm lookin' for! Click away too, there's a tutorial hidden in that pin.  Now after reading through it, they added a wood base under their cushion, I'm not sure if I'll do that or if I'll just do a cushion to non-slip. I guess a wood base is the non cheater way... right? Hmm...

So I guess the real decision will be to pick a fabric... here are my choices, let me know what you think:
I'm trying not to go too crazy but that's really hard for me, I'm leaning towards something semi-subtle and geometric, because geometric patterns not only match the kitchens other patterns, but it's just plain fantastic. What do you think, what would you do? You saw the area, imagine a 2-3" foam pad there with one of these lovely lovely fabrics all over it. Talk about a nap spot! The cats will call it their own in no time....

Hope you're all having a nice Wednesday, if not - find a way to make it a good one.  Until next time!

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  1. I like the orange circles (#7) but with everything else you have going on I'm afraid it will be too busy so #11 or maybe even #9 might be better.


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