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Friday, May 24, 2013

Curb Appeal: Wonderful White Paint

In my past, white has been the most under appreciated paint color in my book. We totally fought.  I used to think it was boring, and just avoided it as much as possible.  Maybe that's because I always lived in apartments where I wasn't allowed to paint, so everything was stark white.  I was surrounded by it during a time when I craved color, big time.  Then in our last house, the landlord gave us the all clear to paint whatever we wanted, and I about exploded. Color everywhere, which you can see an example of in this old post.  And you can see even then, with the white trim, that I was just starting to embrace and appreciate white. That was a beach house in Santa Cruz, so wild colors went over real well & matched the 'hood.

Then I started to try white a little more. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE color (yea, seen the guest room? hehe..) but I've really come to appreciate the difference a little white paint can make.  When we painted the pergola we constructed out front, we bought a gallon of that white, figuring we would use it all over the yard.  In attempts to make the house a bit more welcoming from the street, we decided to tackle this crazy retaining wall along our driveway:

Come on white paint, save the day, please.
And because for once we were smart and planned ahead, we had the Primer in the paint, and we only had to do one thick coat.  I snapped a photo from across the street as we went:
 Say goodbye to the wood wall...
Gone! Man, look at that sun blare off that thing! I swear I noticed it was a little brighter in the street just from the reflection... haha..
 Fresh & Clean.
Now, issue #2 is to decide what's up with those random height posts there. I'm thinking cut them all to the same size, add lights & some trim to make them appear to have fancy post toppers.  Got any ideas?
There's a less sun-drenched photo.  Who knew we'd still get so much sun under all these Redwoods? I mean, I'm not complaining.. it's a happy surprise.  See what an afternoon of white paint can do? Way different.
You can actually distinguish where the wilderness stops and our driveway begins. Hooray. What do you think, into the white paint or are you an all-natural type?  I think this was one of our better impulse decisions. I love you, white paint. I'm sorry we fought way back when.

Enjoy your weekend, it's a big one - we'll be camping for 3 days (woo-hoo!).  Hope you have some fun plans ahead, too! Be safe.


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I'm learning to crop circles,  which could mean two things.  

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  1. I didn't think I'd like the white but I do! So much better.. I would add those solar copper post caps to the post tops (after you trim them down)... Great decision!

  2. Love it. I recently bought some solar powered post topper lights. They don't give off much light but they look nice.

  3. I was really diggin the bare wood until I saw it finished. The white looks great!

    I always look forward to seeing your projects.

  4. Looks great after the paint! I would cut the posts even with the fence and put your lights on top of each post. Would look very cozy! :) Great job again! :) Love, Mom/Diane

  5. Thanks everyone! It was a big leap, knew there was no going back.. but I'm really happy with it. Post toppers is a great idea!

  6. "I'm thinking cut them all to the same size, add lights & some trim to make them appear to have fancy post toppers."

    Sounds like a great idea. Or, those solar lights for posts/corners on decks. I also didn't think I'd like the white....but love it.

  7. It looks good after the paint. But I don't like white because it gets easily dirty. I like dark colors instead. But it looks good.

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  8. I find it nice because I like white colors. It shows purity and cleanliness. Thanks for posting.

    houses in white rock


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