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Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Security Sticks

There's been some robberies in our hood lately, which moved this DIY project to the top of the list.  Granted, I understand these sticks won't completely save the day, but they won't invite anyone in with open arms either.  But safety doesn't have to be boring, am I right? Break out the paints!

I don't know what these things are really called, so I'm gonna go ahead and name them Security Sticks, which is the best name ever.  This is an extremely easy DIY project that doesn't even warrant a tutorial.  You can look at them and already know what to do. So easy you can get the kids involved.  For the adults this project pairs nicely with beer, wine, and good music.
See? Simple.  We have the type of windows that those little screw locks BARELY hang onto, and ya know what? Those are a paint to screw and unscrew each day.  I like to have a little breathing room while we are gone at work, and these puppies fit the bill.  OK here's my super quick security stick project, that I think came out kinda cute.
Self Explanatory Materials:

  • Dowels
  • Paint
  • Tape if you want stripes.
  • A Saw
So really, the only thinking that takes place here is measuring your windows.  If you are going to leave them open a crack, be sure that the crack isn't big enough to allow an arm to get through and remove the stick.  That would defeat the purpose.   Some of our windows are so wide that even if they got an arm in there, they'll never reach the security stick.  Unless they have some inspector gadget like arms, in which case we're  all doomed.

Now just cut n' paint. I like to put out colors that match the rooms the sticks are going in, because I'm weird like that.
What do you think of that high class dowel stand there? That was total improv work.  We realized we had nowhere to put them after we painted ALL sides... so the beer box came in handy.  
Hooray for Gold!  If you're making these with kids, I highly recommend putting only the colors you want on the table.  This way they have free reign of the colors - but little do they know you already selected the ones you approve of. Ha! Does that make me evil? Who cares - I want these to match!

That's it. We're done. Here's our different ones:

Hooray, we're safe at last! I actually feel way better having these things around. Any little thing to discourage a break in is awesome in my book.  To some it might seem paranoid, but I feel like it's just a simple step that adds to a lil security.  And besides, they are CUTE!

Ok, here's the top image for all you pinners out there (love ya!):

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!  Oh - if you caught that mirror on the window sill in one of the pictures, you're pretty sharp! I'll explain soon.


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  1. We use these too, but I painted them white-cuz I like the clean look. But now I see these colors and like them much better!! Great idea to paint them purdy!! :) Love, Mom/Diane


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