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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Painting the Living Room Green

Little by little Ralph and I have started working on the living room.  We spend so much of our time in here that's it's hard to leave it until later, even though we should be outside doing retaining wall projects.  These are just more fun.  After we whitewashed the fireplace we thought it would stand out more if there was a little color on the wall.  A little turned into a lot, and we chose Martha Stewart's "Rhododendron", take a look: (Ignore the towel on the floor, we were preppin' to paint)
Grr... that heater! Originally I wanted to take it off, take it outside and give it a high heat spray paint job, but it's wired in, due to a blower on the top. So that project is not as easy as I thought it would be... someday. I can't stand that spot!  Here's the after:
I love it! I've never gone with this type of a green before, but it makes for a very comfortable living room. It's weird too, in the daytime it's more of a soft green, and it night it has a hint of lime in it. It was a bold decision that made us a little nervous at first, but we figured we could always paint over it, right? I'm happy we finished... Here's the other side:
There are normally really ugly book shelves under that window, more on that soon.  I think the size of this room really helps with the green, we don't feel closed in at all. In fact, it's bringing the room together in a good way.
Because remember our couch is also green:
Which you might think, take it easy pilgrim - too much green, but the couch is kitty corner (is that the right saying?) the green, so they don't touch at all.  When you're sitting on the couch you see green across the room, and when your standing in front of the green wall, you see green couch opposite you. Make sense? I'll have a whole tour soon, we're doing all kinds of projects on this room.

So that's an update, we did this a while ago recently and I've meant to post, but so many other fun tutorials hopped in the way. Stay tuned for a how to on that TV stand in the right of that picture, we built that too.

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  1. Love Your New Green Color!! Very Cozy Now!! Great Job!! Love, Mom :)

  2. Love Your New Green Color!! Very Cozy Now!! Great Job!! Love, Mom :)

  3. here in the south we say 'catty cornered' lol i love the green walls!

    1. thank you! Catty corner, I've heard that one!

  4. The green was a bold choice but I like it! It's definitely not too much with the couch since you didn't paint the entire room green. As for the heater, I actually like the contrast it provides against your new wall color, so I say you should keep it like that for a bit longer. -Leeanne @ Master My List

    1. Yea it's grown on me! I haven't noticed it at all actually. I should still find a way to repaint it white, that weird burn zone in the middle just won't come off!

  5. Honestly, the color you chose made a definition to your house's interior. It looks refreshing to the eyes. But I think you should replace the color of your upholstery. There would be redundancy if you stayed with the former's color. Soft brown will do, I guess.

    -->Suzie @

    1. I worried about that too! So far it's pretty good, they are on opposite sides of the room, but new upholstery IS always fun :D


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