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Monday, August 12, 2013

Spotlight: Caramel Solarium

We painted again this weekend, so my brain is in recovery mode.  So I thought in the meantime I'd share a piece of eye candy with you guys.  One of my favorite blogs in the world (If It's Hip It's Here) brought this amazing caramel solarium by William Lanson to my attention recently - I had to share. It's gorgeous:

Photo Sources: William Lamson, Storm King and This is Colossal - via If It's Hip It's Here.
No joke - this thing is made of sugar. Pure, caramelized sugar! I love rich color when the sun shines through it.  I have mega deer problems at this house (I'm sure I've mentioned that like 500 times) and have been on the hunt for a greenhouse so I can have SOME plants. Though, maybe the deer would eat right through this one...  

This is just a sneak peak, hop over to If It's Hip It's Here for some amazing photos and a wonderful video. So happy to have come across this, what an amazing use for sugar. 

Good luck on your Monday today! Remember, there are only 4 or so a month. 4 outta 30ish ain't bad...


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  1. Going to check out the blog but my first thought was rain! What a wet sugary mess with the first rain...but it is visually stunning!

    1. I thought that too!! Haha, but I think he has the caramel sandwiched between two glass plates... and I wonder if the sun would effect it on really hot days. Very pretty though!

  2. OMG, that is awesome!! And made of sugar?? What a kick! Love, Mom :)


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