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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Steaks & Wine

Source: Tasty Kitchen
Hey, whoah, panic - Valentine's Day is this Friday.  What's that? You haven't decked your house in hearts, arrows, and bowl after bowl full of adorable candies? (Kudos to those of you who are on top of it!) Yea - me neither, I'm still wrapping my head around writing 2014 on all my checks (yea, I still write checks sometimes!). No big deal, you're house doesn't have to look like a vignette from Victoria's Secret to enjoy the day.  Personally, this holiday has never meant very much to me, and I can't stand those little pastel heart candies anyway.  Seriously, thinking about them makes me feel sick, and I think their wrapper is even worse.

Anyway... whether I've been single or not on V-day however, it's always been a fantastic reason to eat a really really good dinner. Whether it be with a partner, a group of good friends, or alone  - the only strict rule I've had was to eat & eat well.  So,  all the restaurants are going to be packed, why not make a great meal at home?

Ralph and I have held up a great tradition of eating steaks & drinking red wine on Valentine's day, or some variation of it. (Here's last years post).  Many moons ago, one of our first dates was trying to learn to cook a steak together. Neither of us knew how to do it, so we thought learning something together would be a fun & cheesy date, right?  Well it was really easy, and really delicious, and this year, I want skirt steak!

It's even easier, and I swear even more delicious.  Luckily it's not the most expensive cut, either. Recently we found (and tested) the most perfect skirt steak recipe ever, from the blog Tasty Kitchen.  It's easy, and it's amazing.  As for sides this year? I'm leaning towards shrimp, asparagus, and more red wine.

Any plans for you this year? Any interesting traditions that aren't the norm? Enjoy it either way, even if you aren't into Valentine's Day per se, hey - at least it's a Friday! 


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Grossest Candies EVER! haha....

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  1. Hi Jesse
    Of the skirt steak recipes on the tastykitchens website, which one is the one you found most perfect?

    1. Hey! Honestly, just the way they made it in the linked recipe - plain & simple, and then I just choose from the millions of side dishes out there. I'm thinking some basic shrimp, asparagus & hollandaise, and maybe a simple butter lettuce salad with olive oil & herbs. Here's the link just incase it gave you trouble:

  2. All those years of giving you the candy hearts- lol!! Have a Happy V Day!! Love, Mom xoxo

    1. Ha! Maybe I liked them as a kid, I don't remember... but yes. Sorry. I can't stand them, I'm a bad person hahahaha

    2. Well you really didn't then either. I didn't also but they were cute and traditional. :)


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