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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Creating with the Stars 2014

Hello & Happy Spring! Today makes it official, though it's been feeling Spring like for a few weeks now around here, and I love it! I woke up Monday morning to quite the surprise... I had entered my Air Plant Sphere project into the annual Creating with the stars contest on East Coast Creative... and well.... it was picked! And to top it off, I've been paired up with Brooke from the fantastic blog, All Things Thrifty. Sweet!
I'm excited of course, and also nervous - this is going to be a lot of work... but I'm up for the challenge. Week #1's theme is Knock Off, naturally - since the gals over at ECC have an awesome TV show now called Knock It Off on the Live Well Network (check out episodes here!).  Here's the scoop, I'd love to share with you my ideas for what project I'll be knocking off & get your feedback, but this contest has to be totally anonymous, to keep things fair. So I'm on my own! All 12 contestants projects will be revealed on Monday and voting will be open for 48 hours... be sure to cast your votes for the best knock off project!

Thanks everyone for all the love & support - I gotta get to work - I've got a pretty good project up my sleeve...I hope.  ;)


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