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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duluth Kick in the Pants Contest and Giveaway

Hey everyone! So to say I've been slacking on the home projects lately is a total understatement.... I've been so swamped with different jobs (like this huge string art piece, I'm still sore!) that the house's to-do list is totally gathering dust.  But, as luck and perfect timing would have it, I got an e-mail letting me know that Duluth Trading Company was now giving me a "kick in the pants", with a little cash & a sweet new pair of pants to, literally, get my butt in gear. This is just the type of motivation I needed!  And guess what? You can get in on this too.. the folks at Duluth are hosting a giveaway and YOU can win $200 bucks in Duluth gear (which is all crazy comfortable work gear) PLUS $200 to spend on whatever project you need help getting done. How awesome is this?!? Ok, before I ramble about the project I'm going to work on, here are some links so you can get yourself in that contest stat: Duluth Kick In The Pants Contest. Pretty sweet deal, do it five minutes ago.

OK - so here's my issue, our back patio, is up to this day (1.5 years after moving in mind you) completely ignored. I think I used a blower on it once or twice. But there's no excuse, this area gets great afternoon sun, and is perfect for entertaining. So last weekend Ralph & I decided the project should totally be outdoor-esque, because California is becoming gorgeous outside again, & I think we want a bar. I mean, I know we want a bar.  Not a bar to serve drinks so to speak (yet, totally have plans for that down the line) but a nice balcony bar where you can sit, drink a beer, and look out into the trees. Daze out for a bit. Check this spot out, it's PERFECT:
Mmhmm.. can't you just see it, sitting there, facing out into trees... I can see it. I totally see it.
So this deck is weird. Once upon a homeowner, there was an old fashioned Jacuzzi under there. Someone was done with it, and instead of removing it, built a deck over it. I can't blame them, because that totally sounds like something I would do, haha. Anyway, we have a weird little roundy deck now. I tried to put a table on there, but I was so scared that someone would scoot a chair leg off the edge and break their brains open, so no-go on the table.  Suddenly it dawned on me, it's up high, it has a decent view (of trees...) and has some sun. A balcony bar! Here's what I mean by "view":
If you ignore the power lines (nothin' I can do there) it's pretty sweet to look out on this mini-valley and listen to the creek (Love creek!) and the millions of birds. Again, perfect beer zone. I have a one track mind apparently. 

Looking down to the left from the proposed bar, is our walkway, plants, and garden hose that I so lazily left out. What a jerk. You can see we're on quite the little incline! I've really come to love it, I feel like we are in a tree house. The banister in the lower left of this photo is where I'd love love love a bar.

Now of-course I have some inspiration photos, here's what I'm aiming at, which all have been pulled via Pinterest:
True, I don't have some fantastic city skyline, but the redwoods will have to do. Ha!  Though this is most accurate to what I mean. A long bar, facing outwards, for some good times. This next one is nice, particularly enjoying the ledge here so my booze don't go flying off into the street.  Alcohol abuse. (get it!?!). Minus the planters. they are cool but I like a lot of clean counter space:
This next one is lovely because those are the EXACT stools I have that I will be repurpose-ing (whip out the paint gun).  A little less bear though.. I'd love THAT view however, gimme gimme:
One last one, not sure if stone will work on our deck, but built in BBQ for the win! I couldn't resist sharing this puppy:
And there you are. See what I'm getting at? Bar. Stools. Beers. Facing the redwoods. That my friends will be the perfect start to what is now the brick patio makeover. It needs major attention. Last year we spent a lot of time on the Front Deck, but it's time to spread the love a bit, what do you think of this bar idea?

Anyway, Happy GIVEAWAY! Right? This is a great one and entering is easy. Hook up with Duluth via their facebook page, send a pic & a project idea and you're in the running. FIVE winners will be chosen on April 23. Oh wait, there's more (of course!) another FIVE winners will be chosen on May 1st!  Give it a shot, then you & I can both be getting our project on. What would you work on if you won? That's ten chances..

Oh - and so far, the pants have been really comfortable. I haven't started do any extreme hardwork in them yet, look for that review later. For now though, they fit like a dream and have pockets galore... just what I need!

Ok, go enter, & let me know what you'll be working on if when you win!


Pssst.. just to keep the air clear, I was compensated to promote this giveaway & post, but rest assured, all opinions are mine & are honest. I won't post anything I didn't actually like or use. Just keeping it real, friends!   

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  1. Can't wait to see this project done!! It will be awesome I am sure! Love, Mom xoxo

  2. shame on you for making us wait for a post!! lol im totally kidding!!! i am in love with that space, it is so beautiful!! and i think a bar is the perfect solution! can't wait to see it!!


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