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Thursday, September 18, 2014

String Update! September 2014...

Wow, a rainy day? This is great! We are in the middle of one of our worst droughts out here in California, so I'm not going to complain about rain at ALL. It's so refreshing, and it's forcing me to work inside for once. Yay, computer time! (I'm an addict).

So in string-land, here's what I've been up to lately.  When we were gearing up for our first show ever (Santa Cruz Mountains Makers Market!)and I was stringing as much as I could. I wanted something new, and just coming back from Hawaii Ralph suggested appropriate:

I think I can pretty much say it's my new favorite! It was reserved for sale by a friend literally minutes after I posted it on Facebook, so these are now made to order. Which means you can swap out the colors! Click here to hop over to Etsy.

A bit before all that I made this neat two tone one for the giveaway on Better After:

I guess it's technically 3 color, since the stripe in the middle is natural. Oops, three tone.  Also for sale here.

Here's one I made for myself, because it seems like lately I'm obsessed with all things faceted.  I don't know where these obsessions come from, but I'm rolling with it...

I'm keeping that one, but you can order them in the shop....clicky here!

Speaking of faceted, I'm continuing down the rabbit hole & found a great way to make my letters in this style too... Click here for a direct link to Etsy. 
And naturally, diamonds... 

One last link here for Diamond.  Lots more going on here, Marilyn Monroe sold so I'm going to be creating something big & new to fill her shoes soon, which I'm super happy about because my idea list is longer than my time allows.

Thanks for browsing my newbies!

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  1. Love this one! Beautiful colors too-just love Hawaii!! Love, Mom


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