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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Telephone Table

My next project! I picked up this little table a couple weeks ago, and it was in need of some help. I replaced the hardware so that it's sturdy again, and it's ready for a paint job. I like the color that it is right now, but it has a lot of scars and I think it would be best in something bright and fun. The best part about this old table, is that it was ahead of it's time and packs flat! Ikea style...  It comes apart completely.  So shipping should be a breeze! I'm collecting ideas as to what color to do this table, so far I have rust orange, deep teal blue, or a nice lime green (not key lime - but the actual color of the peel, a darker green).  I think I will put a design somewhere on it as well, I'm not sure yet.  Any ideas??

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