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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Shed!

So I've posted before about the workshop shed, but I never showed the storage shed! We set up a 10 x 10 "garage" to store furniture in before we work on it, so the moisture here in Santa Cruz would stop killing them! I've lost quite a few pieces to moisture, and it's really annoying - especially when you are in the middle of a project! It's mostly the mist from the ocean that does it. 

Anyway - up until now, it was on the ground. But thanks to my step-dad Mark, we were able to raise it! Take a look first and I'll explain after:
 Using free pallets from craigslist, we stacked 18 pallets on top of eachother, in opposite directions. Then purchased roof plywood ($8 a sheet) and secured them to the pallets.  $26 dollars and about 2 hours later, we have a raised platform to keep the furniture off the groung this winter! This came out so much better than I thought, that I am really excited to do the workshop with this method and a few other areas in the yard, but use nicer wood on the top for a pseudo "deck".  I rent so I don't want to spend money on installing a full on deck without permission (and compensation, ha!). Mark had tons of tips and tricks about this procedure he came up with, e-mail him here if you want more information.

Have a great day, keep an eye out for our new flickr album as I'm going to start posting all the inventory "as - is" to be available for reservation. Thanks!

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