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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sewing Table & Hexagon Parasol

Two new additions to the shop today, are the long awaited sewing table and a spur of the moment parasol. I've been trying to finish up the last of my parasol stock, but only so I can get more!

The sewing table was a sweet find. It was in great shape, just needed a face-lift.  After stripping it and examining it, Ross decided to take off with Grey and Teal for this one.  We had some leftover from our kitchen project, and the two go together beautifully! I'll let the pictures do the talking:

What do you think? It's available here, with free shipping or local delivery. $50 off for pick-ups.  Up next is another parasol, this one I did in the style of a wall mural I did a few years back, that got a lot of compliments. Thought I'd give it a try!

Available here, this is #11 of the 12 parasols I have made. One more to go! They take a little while though so I have to take breaks. Cutting each piece then gluing each one, man! Oh well, it's fun.  Have a wonderful day, it looks so much like fall out today!

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