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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Journey to Alaska

So the Brick & Turquoise table (seen here) sold in late May, and it was a pretty big deal.  So, the wonderful (and helpful!) Teresa wrote me while I was in New York, and told me she had her heart totally set on the table, but the only issue was that she's in Alaska.... but she had already done a TON of research on who would and would not ship to Alaska, and wanted my feedback.  First of all, I was so flattered that she loved the table enough to spend who knows how long on finding it a route up there!  So between the two of us and a lot of phone calls, we managed to find a way to make it happen.  Not greyhound, not Southwest... but just the good old Post Office.  Miraculously the table was the perfect dimensions to even be considered by the USPS, and we had to have a box built (Yes, full on BUILT) for the table to make the trip.  After anxiously waiting and hoping it wasn't getting thrown around, the table arrived in Alaska (in only about a week and a half!) Here she is, in her new home, with her new family:

Isn't their place adorable? I love the bright colors and those awesome chairs. It looks so cozy! Oh, and check out that bench - Teresa did that one herself, I love it!

I learned a LOT in this experience, and it will help make future shipments way easier.  From building boxes, to new ways to ship - this was a big lesson. Having a box built is the way-to-go! Thanks again Teresa for letting me show everyone your house!

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