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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And a Table on the Side...

A good friend was nice enough to score this cute table for me recently (Thanks Kate!).  It had some cosmetic errors, but we instantly started toying around with different ideas. A lot of things came to mind, and in the end I let the furniture be the boss.  Sadly I don't have a before picture, and I could have sworn I took one.. will I ever learn?
The main problem, were these 2 huge holes in the top.  I'm thinking perhaps it had a lamp going through it at one time, like those old magazine-table-lamp pieces from living rooms past. You know, the ones that everyone seemed to have in between two La-Z-Boy's?  Anyway... the holes were large and in charge, so rather than pretending they never happened, I embraced them.  I drilled them even larger, and connected the dots.  Now you can squeeze a few charging cords through, and when you unplug your phone the charger will rest above the hole. 
What do you think? As for the colors, I had done the entire table in the middle green that you see there.  It needed something, and I am still on my ombre kick, so there you have it.  I sprayed away with my lime, and then above with the meadow.  I love how it came out, but it still needed more.  Since the feet already had some physical damage, and there were more scuffs here and there from it's past life, I embraced that too. I went distress, and while it's a mix of styles, I jokingly call it "vintage ombre"...and I really like it. It's as if someone painted this table this way in the seventies.  Hey, it could happen!  This table is for sale in the shop. Have a great week!

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  1. Very cute!! I love the cord feature! Now it bothers me that none of my tables have that. Well done!

  2. Very cool!! Love this little green table-and clever idea to use predrilled holes!!

  3. I want one of these tables myself! I will put it right next to my 2000 version of the La Z Boy, my giant sectional. So cool! Love the holes for charging.

  4. Beautiful!! I love love the ombre look!


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