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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bar Stool Brainstorm

*** UPDATE: Finished stools HERE***

I recently finished up the Roll Top Desk using chalk paint for the first time, wow - that was great! So great in fact, that I'll be doing it again with these beautiful mission style bar chairs my sister picked up for me (thanks Denise!):

They're tall, sturdy & made of solid wood. Everything I look for in a pair of good chairs! The fabric and cushion are also in surprisingly good shape, but I always replace & recover just for good measure.  When I don't personally know the history of something, I think it's best to give it a fresh start. Second chances all around!

I've been going back and forth between colors while I've been disassembling, cleaning & sanding.  But - the time has come... I need to make a decision.  Originally I thought that a darker color would be best, since peoples shoes will be all over those foot rests.  If I go with a lighter color, that means everything little mark is going to show up. So I'm leaning towards something fun, too - like teal or red, either one probably with a darker wash n' wax.  Then there's fabric, jeez - all these decisions! To demonstrate what I'm seeing in my head (not to mention help me narrow these choices down) I've thrown together these idea boards:
(Photo Credits: - Chairs, - fabric thumbnails)
Above is if I go with a red on the stools frames. The red I'll be using will probably be very similar to the one in the photo, but a bit of distress here and there. I'd love to do a solid enameled bar stool someday, but distress allows the future owner a little flexibility when it comes to wear and tear.  That's an added bonus to distressed furniture, it can really stand the test of time.  I'll be getting my fabrics from our local fabric shop, Harts here in Santa Cruz.  I love that place, they have SO many choices for upholstery grade fabric.  And! I can browse their inventory online, perfect!  So, what do you think? I'm leaning towards the crazy black and white floral, or the light grey vines.  I love them all!  Don't decide just haven't seen teal:
I'm loving teal. Love, love, loving teal. That's pretty much the very teal in my head.  I'm biased though, if it were up to me almost everything would be teal. Ha!  I think the stool in the photo here has a good look going, teal with a slightly darker wash, and some rough around the edges. Cozy and still fun.  There are a few more fabric choices for this one though, note the red floral and coral fabric. The coral cracks me up because it's not only little corals printed on it, but the color is coral. Clever!  I think the browns are pretty with the teal too, and that multi colored fabric in the lower left is really after my heart.

If you feel like chiming in on this, it's much appreciated!  Decisions like this are so hard to make, especially when the stools will be up for sale.  What do you think? Do you like these swatches or would you go in a different direction completely? Have a fantastic Thursday, keep in touch: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest.

*** UPDATE: Finished stools HERE*** 

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