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Monday, August 6, 2012

How To: Paint Chip Calendar

Hello again! I hope everyone had a good weekend, gotta pack in outdoor activities while we still have summer, can you believe it's already August? Yep. I thought this tutorial would fit the changing of the months theme.  I recently came across this great calendar and had to share it.  I'm a big calendar person, I write everything down (thanks ma!) but I don't always like them showing in a room. Actually I never like them showing.  I usually stash them behind the door, or in a closet... which sometimes defeats the purpose of helping me remember things!  This is a spectacular, as well as simple, solution.  You can easily get any color you are looking for to match, complement or contrast any rooms decor. Plus changing colors as rooms change would be easy too, that's sustainability!

You can read the full tutorial (as well as tons of other awesome projects) on the blog, Cheltenham Road.

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