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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spotlight: Painters Tape Contest Finalists

Have you been following it?  If you're a reader of Design*Sponge, you've probably heard of the recent Painters Tape Contest.  What a clever idea, and I heard that they had so many entries.  Finally, the top 20 contestants came in, and they posted them recently. I can't even imagine having to choose, there were probably so many great ideas!  Here are my favorites:
Even of the four I'm showing you here, my absolute favorite is the white geometric wall.  I'm obsessed with that same pattern lately! Remember the canvas tutorial last week? Yep. I love it.  That ceramic pot is also amazing.  Look at that wall too! The deep blue alone was gorgeous, and the striking white shreds look so interesting.  Everything in that room, actually!

To see all 20 finalists, head to the fantastic Design Sponge:

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