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Monday, September 10, 2012

Spotlight: Murphy Bed, & Desk!

Prepare to be completely blown away.  This came through Design*Sponge last week, and I about dropped my grilled cheese & turkey sandwich, all over Lappy (laptop...).  This is exactly the type of solution I was thinking of when we looked at a less-than-large house the other night.  A solution to not letting your guest space sit empty and unused when you don't have guests, the Murphy Bed/Desk/Storage/Home Office/Sewing Station:
Can you believe this?  As it is it looks like some beautiful closet system with an added desk, but wait - there's more:
A pull here, a fold there - BOOM! You've turned this room into 3 different rooms, just like that.  Sarah, of General Assembly designed and implemented this beautiful beast for her clients, and it came out fantastic.   It's this type of space saving creativity that has always amazed me about cramped cities like New York, Tokyo.. or even San Francisco.  The white matching the white walls also makes it look open and airy, even though so much potential is packed away into what looks like about 16 inches of depth.  Hey, if you're going to put furniture against a wall anyway you might as well take it vertical, right?

What do you think, would you do something like this?  Head over to General Assembly and check out all their amazing designs & space saving creations, get ready to pin-it!  Have a great one :D

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  1. I love Murphy Beds! Another solution like this is Zoom-Room, the electronic, remote controlled, retractable Murphy Bed. It's an incredible space saver and you can put a flat screen TV in front. Check it out at

    1. oh my gosh, those look amazing! I'll take a zoom room please. hehe

  2. This really is wonderful!! We are thus happy I stumbled upon this kind of. I have been previously investigating setting up a new Murphy Bed in my property which is merely awesome

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