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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kauai Update

Well, Kauai is absolutely fantastic.  I thought I would post a little more, but when they talk about "Hawaii Time" they aren't kidding - I adapted and therefore move much much slower here.  Everyone needs to put this place on their list, the higher on that list the better.  Pretty much everywhere you look is stunning, and almost always covered in tropical plants, flowers and birds.  Oh, and chickens & kittens.  Yep - chickens & kittens run this place, so many beaches we've gone to have had adorable stray cats (that won't come near us) and a guaranteed flock of chickens - cute! The weather is great, and only took me a day to get used to the humidity.  The wind howls through our room & is so refreshing,  I can't get enough.  Alright, let's get to the fun stuff, picture time! Here is the view from our room, I'm in heaven:
I don't ever want to leave, can you blame me? Here's the living room of our condo, and that couch & laptop is where I write from now.  What a rough life!
You may have noticed the chair on top of that table on the patio, haha - no, we didn't sit there! Ralph got me a GoPro for my birthday, and we've been having a LOT of fun with it. Time lapse are my favorite videos, and I've made quite a few this trip. I apparently cannot embed a video to save my life, so we'll have to do this link style, don't worry - they are all pretty short!
  • Snorkeling in Queens Bath:  This was great, a slippery & muddy hike took us down to the rocks, where we came upon a huge pool naturally filled with warm water & fish from the surf.
  • Ocean Time Lapse: This was the first day, just wanted to try the camera out and get some fun video goin.
  • Sunrise, Day 1: This was our first sunrise, and you'll notice it speeds up a bit, I'm still learning the settings!
  • Sunrise, Day 2: This one goes much faster, and has a different camera angle.
While those look like a sunset, it's actually the sunrise.  I'm amazed that we've been seeing the sunrise almost everyday - waking up between 5 & 6 a.m.! But, Hawaii is 3 hours behind California time, so that's like waking up between 8 & 9.  It's still really really weird. 
I love flowers, and just because we don't live in this condo doesn't mean we can't make it our own! I've been picking flowers everywhere we go and bringing them home, using cups as vases and filling corners with arrangements.  I wish we had Plumeria at home, they are so pretty & last a long time.  We drove up to Wailua Falls, which had a great lookout point over it - like I said, beauty everywhere you look. 
Above is Secret Beach, but seeing as how a good amount of people were going there, I don't think it's a secret anymore.  It is secluded, and in front of a lush green forest full of frogs & birds.  It feels like being on the set of Lost (which was filmed somewhere in Kauai...) or something.  Right after we hiked down to this beach, 3 coconuts came crashing down behind us - so Ralph,  Morgan & Aaron got to work:
Inside that huge husk is that coconut I'm holding up there.  It took them about a half an hour to get it out! And yes, we drank the coconut water.... how magical.  Ha! Well I'd better get today started, but I figured with waking up this early each day that I could squeeze in a post.  We'll be back on Monday, I should be posting  a few more time lapses on Youtube and pictures on facebook in the meantime.  Have a great Thursday, and if I don't post before then, a relaxing weekend too!

P.S. THE BEST book in the world to help you get around Kauai, is this one:

Seriously the best book.  It's written by locals and is very honest & specific.  Plus, it's full of quick references to find information fast. And the back cover is the 15 best beaches, so you can get out there QUICK.

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