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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To: Origami Star Lantern

Oh man, oh man - I love Origami! I always have. I've always had a place in my heart for it, don't know why. It could be part of my fascination with all things Japan, or my love of all things paper.  I used to do a lot of Origami but set it aside for a while.  When Ralph & I decorated for the Sushi Party, we made a few little cranes & such to place around, and it reignited my interest in the paper folding arts. I'm especially impressed when Origami can be made into something not only decorative but useful, like bowls & boxes. And now, the Origami Star Lantern:
Photo Credits: How About Orange & Passengers on a little spaceship
Let's have some collective ooh's and aah's shalle we?! So cute.  One piece of paper, many folds, super adorable.  You will be seeing these around our house, especially when decorating for the Holidays comes up (suprisingly close!)  Don't worry, the candle is actually inside of a glass votive, not just sitting dangerously in the paper. They've really thought of everything...

These can be used for a lot of different things, bowls, potpourri, or put a frog in there and use it for ikebana.  Or upside down, poke a hole in the back or each and put the low wattage Christmas lights in them.  Just think how many you can make if you swindle your friends & children into helping, haha!  I love the colored ones but I think the white is my favorite.  Head over to the adorably named blog, Passengers on a Little Spaceship for the full tutorial.  Which, by the way, is amazingly detailed!


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