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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speaking of Chevrons...

Yesterday I shared my latest tables with you, the Chevrons twins, and it jogged my memory that a reader recently sent in a table she did to share with the rest of us. After following the Striped Round Table tutorial and adding her own twists, Chantena came up with one amazing dining set:
What a fantastic job! I love the little bits of distress she did in the centers of the stripes.  Guess what? She did those chairs too! Reupholstered (in an adorable fabric!) and repainted.  She says she's going for teal & red in her dining area, and will soon be adding a red crystal chandelier. That will look great, especially with that red buffet back there peeking through! Great work Chantena, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us, your table is so inspiring! 

As for me, some rainy weather has kept me from doing too much outside, and I've been working on a few indoor projects. I'm almost ready to post up a short DIY project, until then, here's a sneak peak:
It involves a bird cage.  I've been meaning to use this thing for literally years (don't we all have those types of things lying around?) and finally I got to it.  I'm almost done, and will share soon, I'm loving that yellow with yesterday's tables!  Can you guess what it is?  Thanks for checking in & thanks for all the nice comments yesterday - it's so great to hear from you all!   
Make the most of today!

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