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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hutch Makeover Part 2, Done!

Remember Part 1 of the Great Hutch Makeover? Well we're done. That's misleading, the hutch is done except for the handles.  Sadly, they were deemed undeliverable (accidentally didn't change my address in etsy!) and have started roaming from post office to post office, waiting for me to track them down. (wish me luck...) Otherwise, we are DONE!

Those of you with an eye for detail will see the strange putty marks on the front of the picture on the left. The story is, the doors weren't closing because the frame had popped, and the rubber mallet & I decided to tap slam them back together.  In other words, I made a mess & had to do some repairs, but we're all good now!
Let's go back and see what the hutch was in the first place:

What a difference! And surprise,
we changed the glass. I went in just to browse at the glass shop. I saw the cobalt blue, and she said "Oh, it's only $12 a square foot" So I jumped the gun and got it cut, then she told me the price.  $70.... I couldn't say no at this point! It was already in the hutch in my mind, and I had already asked her to cut it.  I'm happy, and realistically that's not a bad price for both pieces of glass at all - which fit perfectly.  So, that's the only big expense we've had so far - not too bad I guess.

Another surprise we polished up were these cabinet lights:
I love good lights. And these were really easy to install. It's a set of under cabinet lights that you'll find at any hardware store, I just drilled a hole in the back to hide the wires. I also installed the switch on the back so it wont show.  It's easy to reach about an inch back there & flip the lights! Installation went off without any major dilemmas.. very proud!

Still waiting for these handles to come in, which will be on the top two cabinet doors. 
These were $6 each so buying 12 was obviously going out of budget, so we stuck with the two at eye level. The rest just got a simple spray job.
Oh where are my manners, here's the hutch open:
I love how the fabric continues behind the doors! I was a tiny bit worried that the fabric would be too busy, but now I love it. Ralph loves it. The cats love it. We all love it.  So, if you're curious, I have a few snapshots of redoing the back.  I re-used the piece of wood that was originally on there, flipped it around & painted it. The reason I flipped it is because it's wood paneling, and the front side had all those grooves I didn't want to fill. Bleh!
Easy Peasy. It really was! I threw a coat of polycrylic on it after too, just to protect cooking grease, spilled wine... stuff like that.  Now, I had painted all the original hardware blue, but since we are waiting on those last 2 handles, that means I had 2 leftovers. What to do with 'em?  Make them into hooks of course.
Hey I gotta hang my giant pizza board somewhere, it's not like I use it on the daily! (psst...yes, I added a little strip of teal to the handle... it just didn't look right plain!)

So that's pretty much it. The hutch, is done.  Our table is done too, which I'll start working on the pictures of right now.  Are you wrapping up any projects in your home lately? Just a little reminder, daylight savings ends in 42 days... I can't wait for longer days!

Do something fun today, and if you can't - start planning to do something fun soon!


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  1. Oh I like it !! And the effect given by the lights..gorgeous!

  2. Έγινε πολύ όμορφο! Μπράβο!
    Καλό βράδυ!

  3. It came out so awesome- you guys did such a great job!!! Love the new old knobs blue now-and very clever using the extras as hooks. Just what I would have done. ;) Fabric choice is perfect-and love the new lights installed. Even better in person. Excellent!!

  4. I saw this on Painting Friends!! I love it :D So, I had to come visit your site. I love your style of painting and color choices. I just started painting with CCCW paints. I have a resale shop in Texas. I can't wait to see what else you do....You are welcome to visit my NEW blog/website at

  5. This is such a fabulous makeover! Something totally new for this hutch than the usual chalk paint, distress, wax....repeat on another blog. I am in love with the fresh look of this. How fun!

  6. so much happier looking now!

    popping over via miss mustard seed and hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you and happy weekend.


  7. Oh my God...this is the one of the most incredible and beautifull furniture makeover that I've ever seen! :)

  8. Just stopping by from the six sisters blog party. I love what you have done with this hutch makeover. The lighting you added is brilliant!

  9. Love the idea of covering the back with fabric. Looks fantastic.

  10. How is the counter top and shelves holding up? My chalk paint experience is that it scratches very easily.

    1. Hello! It's me from the blog, just on a different google name... haha - yea, chalk paint scratches easily, which is why people love it for easy distress jobs. BUT if you don't want it to scratch anymore, you need to apply some sort of seal. A satin or matte clear coat should do the trick, without giving it too much sheen. There are also furniture waxes that are very nice too!


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