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Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY Wooden Floor Mat

We have a lot of doors to get into our house, by a lot I mean six. Two in the living room, two in the kitchen, one in the bedroom (so random..) and one in the downstairs bedroom.  It makes for quite a process when it's time to lock up! Now that the rain has returned, it got me thinking - we need more entry mats! I saw this project a while ago on the Lowe's website and I would love to make one (or six..):
I love the colors! All those gaps will definitely help catch rain & debris before becoming part of our carpet.  Remember the wood-look tile entryway  we did a bit ago? It's holding up great to the weather,
and making a huge difference in the amount of leaves that make it in with us.  Now, we just have to do that project 2 more times... jeez! Here's the link for the full tutorial: Lowe's Wooden Floor Mat.

Seems fairly easy, just time consuming. I don't have a miter saw yet, but this sounds like a great reason to buy one (OK, not really a "great" reason, but I really need want one!) and get busy on my six floor mats.  Plus, you can easily customize the size & colors of this project.  I would love one in natural wood for our bathroom shower mat... hey, who said it had to stay outdoors?

Well what do you say, can you see yourself getting into this project this weekend? I guess it's a little late for the to get it done before the rainy season, but better late than never, right? Plus it will look great year round. Be sure to seal it really well though, otherwise you'll be fixing that puppy for years. Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Jesse this is so cool. I would love to have one in my house to catch all my paint dust! I am so impressed you are making them yourself.

    1. Yea, wish me luck! I saw this tutorial and read it over & over again reassuring myself that I could do it. Gulp - we'll see. I mainly want one for our bathroom when we step out of the shower.. haha, is that weird?

  2. An impressive DIY work! :) Aside from its purpose, it looks like a decorative piece. Thanks for sharing your project and a guide to the full tutorial.

  3. I think it's beautiful! Unless you already have all those different paint colors on hand to make the multi-color one,I bet it would cost a fortune! I think one for the bathroom,natural, is a great idea! It would give it that spa look!

    1. Plain would be beautiful! As for the paint colors, the bottles at the craft store are usually $1 or so, you can grab tons of colors. Just be sure to seal them really well!

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