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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Kitchen: Painting Progress!

We got surprisingly far on our paint job! Here's the post from last week if you need to catch up. So far in fact, that we're done! I was sort of expecting to hit a few snags and this would last into the coming week, but everything went really well and all 4 walls are painted.  It looks GREAT.. now we do have to put our whole kitchen back together, but it is a great chance to tidy up and tackle some mini projects too. Here's a few before & afters:
Hey, there's Tyler! I didn't notice that on my camera, haha.  I'll have some final photos soon, once we are done getting the furniture back in.  This has definitely jump started
our kitchen decorating agenda, and has us both really excited to tackle a few furniture projects in there. So these 3 side by side photos are showing the aqua bay...

And that close up is the Tropical Dream.  It's much lighter, and looks really nice in these lights.  You can see on the left, the old tan color, and now our fresh teal! Such a big difference.  Like I've said before, light hues are a new concept for me, but I'm happy we stuck to the plan and did it.  I think it came out really nice! Here are the specifics on the paints:
  • Sink & Fireplace walls: Behr's Aqua Bay in Semi-gloss, the paint & primer in one.  This saved a LOT of time, no priming necessary. 
  • Glass Door & Stove walls: Behr's Tropical Dream also in semi gloss, paint & primer in one, to the rescue!
One project we got excited to start right away is that Hutch. We had already cleaned up from painting, it was only 5:30 and dinner was already cooking itself in the crock pot (best time saver ever!) so we just mixed up a batch of paint and got to it.  Here's a sneak peak:
Yea, WHITE! I was 100% sure I'd be going with a deep teal for this, and at the last minute.. Ralph suggested white, and I automatically said "no way".  Then, in the shower, where I do all my thinking - I gave the thought some serious consideration. Why not white? What do I have against it? After all, I've said over and over how light is a limited resource in there, a white hutch will really help us in that department.  Well OK - but what about my beloved teals? It will be my personal mission (yay!) to bring a lot of teal, orange, and yellow into the kitchen with fun accessories. Mission accepted!

I love the teal wall showing through the back of the hutch, and lucky for us the back wasn't providing any support at all. However, I'd love a fun fabric on the back.  If you want to see some of my ideas for the back early, check out the board I've started on Pinterest to help us make a decision... The Great Hutch Makeover. I have pinned a ton of the fabric samples I'm considering for the back, this will be a really hard decision! Feel free to comment on them in Pinterest with your opinions, I'll need all the help I can get deciding this one...

I'll have full details on the hutch project in a future post too, oh - we went with chalk paint - and I remember now why I love it so much.  Easy coverage! Ralph's a convert too, he was pretty impressed with it. We used the DIY Chalk Paint recipe from the Roll Top Desk project.

What do you think of our color choices? Hope it makes you root for some teal blues in your kitchen, it's given that room such a fresh feeling!


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  1. You have shared the ongoing renovation of your kitchen. It wasn't finished yet, but people could already expect a wonderful result. You have a nice set of furniture. And what's good about it is that you know where to set those things up! Could you show us some pictures of the final look of your kitchen? Thank you! :)

    Elidia Wolford @ Davies Construction


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