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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New String Art: The Owl

I don't know about you, but lately I love owls. It all started when were in San Francisco and I saw these adorable owl Salt & Pepper shakers in Chinatown.  Funny side story there actually, I noticed there was a huge shelf full of different owl themed dinnerware. I asked the shop owner if there was some meaning or significance to the owl, and she smiled and said "No, white people love them".  Ha! I thought that was pretty funny.... anyway.... I recently did this owl tablet for Joel, which he requested for a Christmas gift for someone.  Take a look:

What do you think of him? I'd been meaning to get a few more designs out there, and this was perfect timing. I have a few more in the works, which I should do ASAP since I'm really enjoying making these right now.

If you want to order an owl, they are available in my etsy shop, or you can click here.

How about you, any new projects? Any thing you are gearing up to tackle?

Have a productive day!

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  1. There really is a meaning for having owls. It is said if you put an owl outside of your house it will keep the evil spirits out! It's probably owls Indian folklore! I started loving them 6 years back when I was helping my then boyfriend's mother clean and shower etc. She was out of her home after an accident and I went and took a pictorial inventory of all her owls, I think it's close to 1,500 and I posted them on her Myspace page so she didn't miss them. She has the most beautiful collection!Have you done ant Flamingos or squirrels or camels? I asked on another post but wasn't sure you'd see it so I asked again here. I love your work.

    1. Oh wow! How interesting, and how nice of you to put all her owls on a page for her!


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