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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spotlight: Zip Tie Street Art

Today's post is eye candy. Pure and simple eye candy.  Zip ties are by far one of the handiest things in the world, especially if you're building a wall out of milk crates (I can explain..).  But have ever thought of them as decorative? Me neither, but now I totally do:
So unique! This brings a lot of life to a boring street.   I spotted this on the 3 R's blog by Allison of Zipper 8 Lighting, and marked it to share. I love looking at these, they almost look fuzzy - and they remind me to think outside of the box, that really ordinary materials can be used in new & fun ways.  In this case, the fantastic neon colors really help, but I think even a standard black zip tie pole would look pretty spiffy.  But that's not all the uses for zippies....

A quick search on pinterest revealed some other neat zip tie uses, here's a stairway railing in Austin:
Source: Pinterest of course
I love the bright colors against the green here, and the way it fades from color to color.   I can't imagine being the person having to take these off, but since zip ties are pretty heavy duty - they will last a long time before having to take the wire cutters to them! Alright, one last one for the road - you knew I'd have to hunt until I found a light, since all things lighting are my wonder babies:
Source: The Great Pinterest
What can I say? If it lights up I love it.  Again with the "furry" look here, super seventies. Which I also love (who doesn't!?).  The shadow on the wall is really fun too, not sure if they have an orange bulb here or not, but the lighting is great - hey side note, did you know orange light is supposed to be the most flattering light ever? I have no clue where I heard that. Haha.. but it's true, I think. Anyway, I think these zip tie projects are fun, even if they are probably one of the most wasteful things in the world, hopefully the city let them keep those up for a good long time before sending the plastic away.

What do you think of this non traditional zip tie use, could you see something incorporated into your home or is this too plastic-fantastic for ya?

Onward & Upward,
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  1. i love love love those zip tie poles! I am contemplating buying a bunch and just going around my town and doing that in the dead of night! shhhhh, don't tell on me! Also, I thought that red lighting was the most flattering and one of the reasons that prostitutes work in the red light district. it hides all the imperfections and aging, not to mention makes your skin look flawless! just my fuzzy memory on the subject...

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