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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spotlight: Pant Hanger Wall Art

Yea, pants hangers! Some people are so friggin' clever, I love it.  I stumbled across this beautiful DIY project from Ladies & Gentleman that creates a gallery wall effect that is extremely easy (and easy on your walls!) to rotate art in and out of.  I love the idea of keeping a ton of holes out of the walls, and using the vintage wooden hangers adds a lot of character. Imagine, you could even paint them fun colors for a twist:
Adorable.  Clean, and both vintage & modern.  I love this style.  The grid system itself is genius, and as you're about to see, is easily re-arranged for an entirely different look. I love how the simple addition of shelves here changes everything.

Landlords would love their tenants to do this!  I'm notorious for changing around the wall art on a whim, so you can imagine the holes I've left behind... oops! It's in the name of interior decor, what choice did I have?  I have an ever-growing stock pile of wall art, so the ability to rotate only a few (vs. cramming them all over the place) is priceless.  I must find a wall to do this on, hmm.....maybe downstairs.

So - while trying to find the original source for this, I happened to stumble across another blog, Dream Green DIY, that tried this project for themselves and wrote up a fantastic step by step tutorial.  Check it out here: Dream Green DIY.

Pants Hangers, that's great - it's so interesting to see the things people come up with for something you imagined only had one use.  What other things are you people re-purposing out there?? Share!

Oh, am I the only one completely in love with that couch? Hell-O! So retro...

That's all for today, the weekend is calling!

           Up Next: Zip Ties can be used in beautiful ways.

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