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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New String Art Fonts

Last week I shared one of my newer fonts, Market, and I'm SO happy to share yet another new font I got to try out. This one is called Remachine, and I love how retro it is... it's like handwriting, of a really awesome person:
Plus I tried out an ombre fade technique with three colors of strings here.. green, to teal-y turquoise, to blue..
I had some space on the sides and added the retro stars.....
This is customizable and up in the shop if you love it as much as I do.  Here's the others I wrapped up this week (pun totally intended).  Mason & Luke, two colorful tablets for children's rooms:

Both these styles are available in the shop, and all the details of exactly which colors they are have been posted the listing to.  Easy!  I've had some requests to post stain & string choices here on the blog, ask and ye shall receive! Here are the stains I usually use, but I have many times just done a Color Wash technique when these stains aren't exactly what someone is looking for.  Like this blue tablet with purple bird.  Cue the "put a bird on it" clips...
Then the strings! Literally hundreds of choices here, not to mention the limitless combinations you could get into with these... can't wait to try another Ombre fade! Sorry, that fad is not over for me. Not even close!
Might as well show the fonts while we're on the subject:
I can't wait to try all these out! There is one missing here, it was "Lucida Handwriting", it was a "Home" Tablet and the strings were actually negative, meaning they filled in everything EXCEPT for the words... kinda nifty...

If you're looking to order, and don't feel like waiting for me to set a custom listing up for you, just click here and purchase the listing that matches the number of letters in the name you want.  Also, it helps me move things right along if you can provide this info in the "Notes to Seller" section:

-Stain Choice
-String choice (as many as you'd like)
-Nail Choice: Silver or Copper
-Font Choice
-What name, letters or numbers?
-Any special requests?

Well, back to work for me, what has you busy this week?


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  1. WOW-love the new look of this font. And especially your color ombre fading technique. So very cool!! Excellent job! Love, Mom :)


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