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Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY July 4th Ideas for the Host

SURPRISE! It's July.. didn't see that coming, huh? Me neith.  Snuck right up.  Time to get ready for the Independence day activities! Will you be hosting the celebration this year? We aren't hosting, but it did get me thinking how I would decorate if we WERE to host.. I love a good brainstorm!

I was browsing Pinterest this morning looking for ideas that fit this bill:  fun, unique, but most important: Easy DIY.  I love being able to take a few supplies that I always have on hand, and whip up some snazzy party decorations that didn't cost an arm & a leg. I picked a few favorites to share with you today, I really like them for their simplicity. To each their own of course, I really lean towards decorations that go along with a theme but aren't screaming it at the top of their lungs. For example, a collection of blue bottles with some red or white flowers:
That's like a ten second centerpiece.  Cobalt blue bottles are pretty easy to find nowadays, but in-case your town has run completely out of cobalt, just take any bottles and spray paint them:
I've shared a similar project like that before.  Bottles are such an abundant resource around most any home, and paired with some simple flowers from the yard... easy.  On the topic of tables, a quick way to jazz up a simple white tablecloth to match is to use plain old solid colored crepe paper.
I love that! Simple, woven crepe paper is such a different use than the classic swirly streamer, right? Cute & Easy.

This next centerpiece is a great way to use the shell of a watermelon.  I'm hoping they used the watermelon insides for eating (I'd melon ball the whole thing & put that in drinks... mm...)
They're like flowering Cactus! That's so cute.. and paired with a simple star pattern fabric you buy by the yard... delightful.  the simple addition of solid colored paper lanterns... a flag or two, that table came together quick & easy. I could see this with the baby watermelons, lined down the center of the table....

Not into fruit rinds all over your beautiful table? OK - how about we take one of the more affordable flowers and give it an expensive look? Hello Carnation Ball......
That, as you may have guessed, is a ball of floral foam covered in short cut carnations. Looks amazing! And with all the different shaped floral foam available... I spy a trend that's about to spiral out in all sorts of crazy directions.  Possibly literally, we'll see...

You may have noticed.. I'm a big time fan of bunting, but don't always have the time to sit down and MAKE the bunting.. (Remember this tutorial?) this is a very cute, Americana style bunting solution that you can keep for years to come.
Oh, and it's washable.  These Handkerchiefs are pretty cheap too: Here's some from Amazon, and here are some bulk ones from Oriental Trading Co.  Solid colors would look nice too.

And just for fun, here's an idea board that totally sets the mood for what I was searching for! Simple, cute, modern....
YUM.  Those colors are all so nice together...  and notice it's following the theme but  not so specifically, meaning - you could easily have a patio theme like this year round versus packing it all up in August.  And who wouldn't want that?

To see more of the ideas I found, check out my board on Pinterest, or follow all my boards to see what else I'm oogling on Pinterest.  It's just so easy to get caught up on there, am I right?

What will you all be doing for the fourth of July? Are you hosting or will you be hosted?  Hope the weather is great in your 'hood! Have a great day...

Oh, pop back over to this post to see the decorations I posted a while back for that crazy Tamale Party we had.  I swear I am still cleaning the Masa out of my mixer...


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