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Friday, July 12, 2013

Spotlight: Home Tour of Robert & Michael

By the time you read this, I will be gone. (Beetlejuice quote alert! Anyone?...) Gone, to Lake Topaz, which I'm assuming has zero internet and cell time.  I guess I shouldn't blog lakeside anyway (oh but if I could...).  So, Happy Friday & today I'm sending you over to Apartment Therapy to see one of the most magnificent home tours I've seen in a long time. Robert & Michael's apartment.  I'm a HUGE fan of mid century modern, an unexpected love that was lingering just beneath the surface, until one day... bam.  So this place is super inspirational, "keep going... keep collecting", it says (yay!) Check out the sneak peeks but head over to Apartment Therapy to see the full slideshow, and to witness what an amazing jobs these boys have done, in their rental mind you... see what I'm sayin? You don't have to own that place to make it magnificent.

Oops! Looks like you dropped your jaw, that's ok so did I. And for damn good reason! This place embodies so many of the goals I have floating around in my head for our home.. I just love the mix of the Mid Century furniture (wood grains! crazy shapes!), with the retro handmade crafts (Macrame! Latch Hook Rugs!), modern touches (Flat screens! Stark white pottery!) and amazing ceramics (get a load of those lamps sister...).  This is the type of mix I'm scouting out. In the meantime I'll be referring to this amazing tour time & time again for inspiration. It really is what I was dreaming of. Ah.......

Ok since it's Friday I give you full permission to stop working and go on this house tour, it's roughly 20 pictures of amazing, and you won't regret it. Go ahead, boss won't mind.  I'm dying to know where they got that circular hanging room divider (above).. I wonder if they made it out of PVC slices. Maybe. Anyone? I should write them.

Have a fantastic weekend, hopefully you're up to no good, it's Summer after all! Make it memorable... 


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  1. such a fun house! love he dining area!

  2. WOW-yes, this house is awesome!! Love the colors-blues and oranges!! I know someone else who loves these colors! ;) Great choice to post, too. Love, Mom


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