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Monday, September 16, 2013

7 Kitchen Buffet Ideas

For some weird reason, I've become obsessed with getting rid of our Kitchen Hutch.  I don't know what happened, I love that hutch! But something about it, cute as it is, just isn't me (You can catch up here, if you're new)  I've started leaning more towards the modern / vintage / geometric look, and our old country beauty just couldn't fit. But I'm always up for a challenge, and I do like change - so maybe it was perfect timing.  This time however, I'd like to go more towards a Buffet vs. a Hutch...
That's right, it's time for a good old fashioned brainstorm - with the help of the lovely Pinterest.  You know why I'm leaning to a buffet? I like the height.  They are low... can be minimal, a streamlined surface offering plenty of storage & serving space, without needing to be a giant presence in the room.

So today, I want to share with you my Pinterest findings - Seven lovely buffets that are giving me all sorts of ideas..... here we go!

As a reminder, with all my round-ups, the source links are underneath each photo, mmk? First we'll start with my dream buffet...
Yea... look at that wood! And geometric paneling? Yes please! This would be perfect. If I can find it, I'll snag it - but in the meantime, it's great inspiration.  Around here furniture like this doesn't last - people are on top of it.
So the photo above isn't exactly a buffet, but this is what I'm going for. Wonderful, abundant storage in the space underneath the counter - with cute floating storage on the walls.  Don't you love those cubes? I'm seriously reconsidering my plans and swapping to cube-age...
Aside from the Christmas-ey motif, this buffet has a lot going on! Major wine storage (huge plus) with ample cabinets and drawers. Again, the floating shelves are ideal for displaying your kitchen favorites that don't deserve the hidden cupboard life.
I probably wouldn't put the green/pink combo in my own home (too muppet-y), it IS cuper cute. I WILL however take that buffet! Seriously, have you ever been to a thrift store? Buffets & Dressers that can be EASILY converted to buffets are a dime a dozen.  A coat of white paint and maybe an architectural alteration here and there.... you're in buffet heaven.
OK - favorite alert! The buffet above is what I'd love to aim for. I like the simplicity of the piece, and the floating shelves are exactly what I have in mind.  Storage on the walls that also serves as decorative. Now we're onto something!  You can see in photo #2 that they added wine glass holders... so smart!
Pumpkins ahoy! Did you notice that? Must have been around this time of year when they shot this photo.. What I love here is the all black.  This seems like it was a dresser in a former life, but by going solid black (like the chairs & table) with hardware to match, you have a gorgeous matching buffet. Hello red lampshade!
Yea - the caption in the photo proves this isn't a buffet per say.. but man, couldn't it be? I'm totally considering ditching the subtle color thing and going to a fun teal. I know I always do that, but I cant' help it! I'm considering painting all of the bottom cabinets in our kitchen a subtle color... so maybe we can afford a little teal here & there.  Or is that more turquoise?

These are only seven of the thousands of possibilities. What I really like here is how these looks were achieved by using easily attainable furniture, or better yet - furniture you already have.  A coat of paint, or the addition of some wall shelves, makes a buffet storage solution that doesn't have to be built in.

What's your opinion, are you pro-hutch or are you a buffet believer?

Wish me luck on my hunt....I know something perfect is out there, I can FEEL it..


Full Kitchen Ideas Pin-Board HERE.

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  1. we were looking at buffets this weekend and we found one we LOVED at sam's. but it was almost $500. but it was warm wood, a metal grate drawer, stainless steel counter and huge all metal casters!!! it was awesome, we couldn't make ourselves buy it though!!

  2. In the source on your link I can't find the buffet per se, the one with the shelves. Do you know who makes them? Great job!


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