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Friday, September 13, 2013

Entryway Command Center Part 3: Rope Trimmed Accent Wall

Details, details! The "command center" has come along nicely - it's been a really smooth project so far, but something's missing. More gold? Nah.. Ralph had an idea, and pitched it to me with the expectations that I'd think it was nuts. He said, "what if we lined where the walls meet the crown molding with some sort of rope?" -----and I was silent.
Genius! I loved the idea.  Have you ever heard or thought of putting a trim on the walls? I'm hooked.  See - we have these weird walls (I'm sure they aren't that weird, everyone has 'em.) The texturing is so... textured... that it makes it really hard to make a clean line in the corners. Even with tape. So covering with a cute rope is perfect! All you need is rope, and a glue gun.

Hold on real quick - did you  notice I swapped the plant out? In the Entryway Command Center: Part 2 post I used a bundle of grasses as our plant.  Well,  remember how I had a redwood cutting living on my desk for over a month? It's still going strong (month 2!), so I figured, why not put another one here:
I'm so impressed with how long these stay fresh - I change the water regularly and they stay bright green. Even in low light!
We have so many popping up around here that I'll never run out.  Problem solved!

Back to the project - we went rope shopping, and found this 1/4" Manila Rope at Home Depot.  You can also find it on Amazon if you aren't up for the trek to HD - I know it can be a lot! (I've seriously just given up and put things back before, when I can't find what I need, or someone to cut this or that...ha! I'm so impatient sometimes)


So, pretty simple here, just start hot glue-ing your rope into the corners.  This worked really well with two people, I quickly ran the glue while Ralph pushed the rope in.
If you've worked with hot glue before, you know this low temperature stuff peels off easily. So if you mess up, just peel it off, or if you no longer want rope on the corners... just peel it all off.
Isn't that cute? It's subtle, but adds just a little detail to our wall.  Plus it goes great with the white, navy blue, gold thang....

Here's the cow!

Got a little flyaway on that one, no stress... rubs right off..
We chose this particular rope because of it's darker color, and it has a lot of rough edges.  It's also just thick enough to hide any less-than-perfect paint lines.
I found this little plaque downstairs that I bought years ago at a goodwill. Didn't have a home in our new house yet, so I tried it out. I think it works:

Well I think we are done!  Part of me wanted to put a wall filing system in the corner, near the mirror, but I think with that many drawers we can afford to keep this very clean & clutter free.

To recap, we went from this:
To a whole new, fully functional & adorable "command center":
Ignore the rope there, we were mid project. You know how it goes! Have a fantastic weekend everybody, if you decide to tackle an area in your home, send it my way - I love to see what you're up to! 

Up Next: 7 Kitchen Buffet Ideas... I'm about to swap ours out.

OMG - did you notice it's Friday the 13th? Creepy...

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