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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Entryway Command Center: Part 2 - Card Catalog Makeover

Hey there! Last time we chatted, I showed you how we are embarking on the remodel of our Entryway Command Center, starting with the navy blue paint.  I introduced my card catalog in it's before state (yellow, black, and cream....) and now I'm ready to reveal it's new look:
Mmmm! Smell that? Fresh spray paint.... one of my favorite smells, despite the fact that those fumes are probably not healthy. Ha! A more responsible person would have let it breathe for a few days - but I don't have that kind of patience, sadly. (don't be like me!)

As a refresher, here's the card catalog (and the wall for that matter) in it's original state:
Doesn't match as much as I'd like it to, in my mind I was seeing Blues, whites & golds.. kind of like this color block stool tutorial I did a while ago. Exactly like that actually. So I went to Home Depot & started paint shopping.  Since this piece is metal, getting the paint to adhere is a breeze - like I said, this will be color combo #4 for this lil baby.

If you have a card catalog you want to paint, follow along - it's the easiest makeover ever.  Actually, going down memory lane here - this very piece is the FIRST makeover I ever did. (Really REALLY old post here, on a long expired blog)

Can you believe how many drawers there are? Yep - they all had to come out, and it was FULL of junk I didn't need.  Spring Fall cleaning time!
Thirty. Thirty drawers.  Which, the way drawers work, this meant thirty junk drawers.  Most people only have 1 or 2. We have thirty.

I laid out our ginormous drop cloth, my thirty drawers, and got to cleaning. I stuck with a vinegar water combo, makes me feel like I'm being "green" n stuff.
 Here are my weapons of choice:
That gold one makes me happy... it's so shiny! There was a time when I would never have put as much gold into my home as I am now.... and that time is over. Bring it!

First some primer.  I know it says paint + primer, but I'm still skeptical and figured I should take the extra 15 minutes for some added protection. After all, this is going to get a lot of use.
Fun part - the colors! I did these at random. There is no pattern, it's just easier that way & comes out great.
Oh remember I said I was looking for a mirror to put there?  I was hoping for something simple, with a white frame.. when I realized - duh - spray paint the one I have leftover from our bedroom dresser project!
That pup is plastic (why?!), so good thing this spray paint adheres to plastic.  Be sure to double check that if you need to paint on plastic.  If your brand of spray paint doesn't, you can buy a plastic primer.  Use that first, then your regular paint after just the same.

Look who else is getting on the gold train:
Bunny! This piggy bank sits by our door and collects our change.  Last time he was full it was $70! Beforehand he was a certain nameless companies promo bun-bun.  He reminds me of those chocolate bunnies at Christmas... I tried to wrap a red ribbon around his neck but it made him look super chubby, and I had to be honest with him about that.  Those ears just weren't helping.

This coat hook was dark brown before, and practically disappeared against the navy blue. So gold it is!
I thought, am I getting carried away with all this gold? Then when I hung the cow up I realized what a silly statement that was... he's so cuuuute:
Gold & Navy Blue.  The perfect couple.

Now that my painting is done (was simple, right?) It's time to put it all back.  Here's the plain jane wall:
First our card catalog with random drawer placement:
To the right is just a spare shoe rack we had. In the future, a box-tray will be built to make it level with the card catalog & appear to be one piece. For now, it's fine.

Bring in the mirror:
How about a shot with a little natural light, eh?
Ah! Fresh & clean, plus it kind of looks like it's all one piece. When we step back into the kitchen, you can see a lot of the navy has been covered up... making it even more of just an accent:
Back a little farther (hey thanks for the nice comments on our stove! We love it too!):
I think we're making some progress here! Bun-Bun in his new home.....
"Feed da bunny..."
Then I shopped around the house for a few accent pieces to fill the dead zones (for now.... or forever.. we'll see):
I wanted some height in that corner, so a vase with a cluster of yellow grasses from the back hill did the job. Too bad they can't last...

There you go! We have tons of storage, the top 5-6 drawers serve as organizers for wallets, mail, keys.. while the rest serve as a more organized junk drawer/filing system for important junk.  A place for everything & everything in it's place, that's normal right? Haha... there's only one thing I think is a little crazy, the bottom 9 drawers are for storing color coordinated paper....  I have a problem!

What do you think of the entryway command center? It's moving right along, with a just a few details left:

  • Paint the command center wall Navy Blue
  • Paint the card catalog white...
  • Find & Paint a mirror
  • Bring in the accent colors & pieces  (gold? light blue?)
  • Trim the edges in something special. (Jute?)

  • Thanks for stopping in - hopefully I've convinced you to scout out a card catalog of your own.  Up Next  we'll focus on some details, adding rope trim to our accent wall.


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    1. Ummmmm, I love EVERYTHING ABOUT this little nook in your home!! It's just gorgeous. I have that same exact metal card catalog thing... So far I've just painted it white and I'm waiting for our 'studio' to come along a little further before I decide if I want to add any color. And UGH... don't get me started on gold. BEST.ACCENT.COLOR of all time.

      Great photos and well written!

      1. Thank you!!! I'm pretty happy with the area.. plus it helps me keep it clean now that the paint is all fresh, and everything coordinates. On to the kitchen!

    2. i am in love with this little space! and the gold was a perfect choice as an accent! i was giggling a little bc on the gold bull, the screws look like earrings! then i totally 'punned out' bc i think you should change the sentence about the bunny to "guess who decided to HOP on the gold train!" oh my goodness, im glad its friday!! im delerious!!!

      1. HA! you win - best puns EVER! They totally look like earrings... I was like "damn, cow's got bigger plugs than I do!" (plugs being those larger earrings...) I should have caught the "hop" one - doh!

        Thanks for the comments, keep your eyes peeled for a card catalog! (ask schools!)


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