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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets: Part 2

Do you ever have those weeks, where your day job says to you "Yea, this is all you'll be doing this entire week, including evenings"? That's me this week, it's my turn.  I haven't had a spare moment aside from working, eating & sleeping - crazy! But I found time to sneak in a post, since I felt so guilty being postless all week.... Last week I posted Part 1 of Painting the kitchen cabinets, and this week I'm so excited to show the rest:
Aaaaah! Fresh & Clean.... this time we used the sprayer, which is pretty self explanatory, maybe I'll do a post on it someday though.  But as you know, we DID do the white ones by hand, or roller... (full directions in Part 1).  Also - we decided to add a few coats of minwax polycrylic on this set, in semi gloss.  Being the bottom half, they'll be more likely to get beat up so.. better safe than chipped, right?

Before I show the close-ups, the color is Glidden's Blue-Grey Slate.  Paint & Primer in one (a must!), in Interior Semi-Gloss. Here is a link to the color.  Always tell your paint person what you need the paint for, as they will have the best advice for your finish.

Like I said, I'm sneaking in this post before work, so let's get to the good stuff:
It's an interesting color! I love it - sometimes it has a blue tint, other times  a dark grey... and at sunset it gives off a blue purple.  Hooray... color changing cabinets!
Things are starting to come together. Yes, those are rainbow knives! Ha I know.. typical of me, right?  Many of you asked about them - they are called Pure Komachi, and they're the best knives I've ever used, so sharp.... (find them here on amazon - they have tons more too).  Rather than use a knife block, we used IKEA magnetic knife strips to keep the counterspace pretty free.
This area is to the right of that stove, across an entryway.  I love that blue-grey slate!
Hello new rug! (Ikea.... lovely!)
Oops! Bad photographer moment... Surprise appearance by Sir Brown Paper Bag, who in our part of the country, is becoming a rarity...
Oh, I grouted that round marble lamp in the top corner there, I'll be sharing that soon - came out great.
There we go! I love this angle.. really shows off that stove.  What do you think of our newish cabinets? Eventually the counter-tops will be hopefully butcher block, but cement would be amazing too.  We'll see how the wallet feels when the time comes.  All in all, painting the cabinets was the affordable upgrade we needed, to hold us over until we redesign the kitchen all together.  But honestly? They came out so good I wouldn't mind them sticking around...

What about you, any cabinet transformations in your future?

Back to work... wish me luck...   ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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And one last time, here's the paint color link, Glidden's Blue Grey Slate:
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  1. Those came out so professional looking. I love the color as well, it really lets all the awesome decorations at the top pop!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I'm constantly rearranging those things up there, and as we amp up for adding a buffet... I'll be doing it again! :D

  2. What a wonderful kitchen! I really like the color of the cabinets with the mint walls. Superb. I'm a little disappointed there was no gif this time!

    1. Thanks Mekenzie!! I know. No gifs... wah! What started as us being ramped up on a Sunday morning to get these cabinets done, turned into friends & family stopping by, snacking for 3 hours, and realizing we had to hurry it up if we were going to utilize the sunlight.. oops :D

  3. Jesse your kitchen looks amazing! What a difference painting those cabinets made. Great work!

  4. The cabinets look amazing! Have you thought about Rustoleum Countertop Transformations? I would think the concrete would be just gorgeous with the new cabinet colors.

    1. Thank you! I HAVE thought about redoing the countertops! Never used that stuff so I'm a little intimidated, but that could be a good reason to tackle it, right?

  5. They look great! I painted ours when I was in the midst of baby-nesting-fever (can you imagine the horrified looks I got from my husband when up a step stool at 8 months preggers!? it was only 2 steps..anyway), oh how I wish I'd known about a) sprayers and b) polycrylic at the was only 3 years ago and they could do with going over again! I'm also about to break out the clamps and make my own (eek!) butchers block counter!

    1. Oh wow! Those will look amazing, are you going to use the Kreg Jig?

    2. I have a couple of ideas, one uses the kreg jig and one uses just glue and lots of clamping...think I may use both methods to be sure it doesn't just fall apart on me! It may take me a while to work up the courage, he he!

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