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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flashback to October 2012

Happy October! Sometimes on the first of the month, like the first of the year, I get the urge to look back and see what was going on around here a year ago.  Luckily having a blog makes that extremely easy (click of a button!) - which is how I spent my morning caffeine session today.  Here's what I found, a year ago we were still house shopping, and apparently just putting offers on our current place.  Here's the post, but just look at this living room during the sale:
Wow... I remember thinking, how in the world will we arrange furniture in here?! Just for fun, here it is now, use the door to line things up in your brain:
Yea.. little different..

So we were still living in Santa Cruz, I still had my major workshop set up in the back, and furniture was churning out nicely... I had the Chevron night stands, which quickly found a home:
I wanted to keep those but had NO room.. plus, getting prepped for a move? I shed things like crazy.. I did get to keep this stool from the Color Block Stool Tutorial:
And some of my favorite how-to's of the time were this Origami Star Lantern, that I still haven't made, but really really want to:
Photo Credits: How About Orange & Passengers on a little spaceship
And my flat marble light fixtures.. I can't believe this was only a year ago! I'll have to do another tutorial on these, I've experimented a lot more with the process. For now, here's the original tutorial.
Or this great under-bed storage project, that I completely forgot about! I need to do this one for sure...
Photo Source
And I was grossing you all out with this pretty nasty & somewhat cruel cockroach jewelry, that actually exists...
Sources: Mapping the MarvelousBlack Chandelier
I still think that looks like Jonny Depp... haha.. you can watch the video & read more from a year ago, here.

And of course, my super cheesy pumpkin:
I hope you get the joke!

That's just a glimpse of what was going on last October.. what about you? Do you ever take a look back at a year ago to see how much has changed?  I'm always surprised to realize things that feel like a super long time ago, were only a year ago..  Kind of slows things down a little bit to remember how much has actually been crammed into just one year.

Happy October! I want chili.  Cincinnati Chili...


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  1. Recently found your blog and love it!! You make me laugh!! I like your pumpkin "pie". Wonder why your chili recipe is named Cincinnati Chili???..... the folks there are hooked on Gold Star....which I find really gross!! I look forward to more of your posts!

    1. Great, welcome! :D :D I'm not sure why it's called cincinatti chili, but when we make it - it has chocolate in it, and is served over spaghetti with a ton of cheese. Never heard of Gold Star....


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