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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spotlight: DIY Waterproof Painted Bottles

A long time ago I posted a spotlight article featuring DIY Vintage Mason Jars using just a little paint & glue. The finished look was really great, but the only drawback was you absolutely could NOT get them wet. Fine for dry decor, but that leaves fresh flowers completely out of the loop.  And if I'm going to be able to justify stockpiling cute bottles, they better have double use, right?  Well, I came across today's featured article & knew it deserved an immediate shout out.  Check out these beauties:
Problem solved! These are waterproof, and while I haven't tried them myself - the comments on the original post seem to suggest that all is well.  If you're like me you probably have the urge to save every cute bottle or jar you come across, and now you have even more justification for your hoarding...
Check out the full tutorial on My Design Folder, and let us all know if you try it.  It looks so easy I'm almost skeptical... this would be a great use for one of my favorite bottles, (remember these?) from a cold brewed coffee called "Chameleon" I think... the shape is adorbies.  I admit, sometimes I buy the product because of the bottle shape.. (ever seen the Rain Vodka bottle? Look out!).

Anyway, I'm back to making state patterns for the string art peeps.  I only have 47 left! Oh man...

Have a great day!

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